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Friday, March 11, 2011

How I Got to Where I Am Today

A little background about me and my family. I am married to my fabulous husband, Tyler. We met in 2000. After briefly dating my good friend and discovering (mutually) they weren't met for each other, we began dating in 2001. Our relationship had many trials. Including Tyler bravely serving for 18 months with the Army Reserves in Kuwait and Iraq. In 2007 after a two-year engagement, we were married. I graduated that same year from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln with a degree in Education and Human Sciences. While at the University I majored in Inclusive Early Childhood Education. I'm often asked what that means - it basically means that the major includes early childhood education, elementary education, and special education. After graduation I substitute taught for LPS. I quickly (a year and some months later) discovered subbing was not for me. During this time of self-discovery and trying to decide what to do with this expensive degree I had obtained, a good friend asked if I was interested in starting a home daycare as she was needing affordable daycare with a trustworthy person whom she knew. I had toyed with the idea a bit in the past, but thought that no one would take me seriously as a daycare provider when I didn't have any children of my own yet. (I owe a lot to this family for assisting me in getting my business up and running.) Especially when I had so many sceptical family members and friends.

So I dove head first into starting up a business that I knew very little about. Yes, I'd worked in daycare centers, worked in the public schools, and had many practicum and student teaching experiences. But I didn't have a clue how to run an effective business. With the help of my husband, this very trusting family, and of course my bank account. I started purchasing the necessary items needed (and wanted - yes there is a big difference) to help get me started. Many days were spent dedicated to researching, "window" shopping, selecting all needed items and creating the necessary paperwork (for liability reasons). A year into caring for this little girl (I'd started watching her when she was six-weeks-old) I decided to become licensed. Besides needing a license to prove to myself that I was a professional and feeling why shouldn't I take the extra steps to become licensed so I didn't feel my degree had been a waste of my time and money. I also  felt I needed to become licensed if I was going to have anyone take me seriously. So that is how the daycare came about. In a way it found me. I've always loved my job (much more than any other job I've had), but now that I have a daughter I am so pleased that I can have an income while being a stay-at-home mother for her.

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