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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Borrowed Ideas

Yesterday morning I went with my in-laws to a huge indoor garage sale. While there I immediately headed to the area where the children's toys, clothing, etc. were located. I was excited to find a child size wooden bench (can fit two children on it), a plastic toy lawn mower (Tyler always jokes about teaching the daycare kids to mow the lawn for him), a snow cone maker (never used and still package in its original packaging), a electric can opener (used daily for making meals for the daycare, we have one but it's breaking, this one was $2, so figured if I am going to buy a new one in the near future, might as well get this one), six Halloween plastic boxes shaped like Chinese takeout boxes (for daycare Halloween treats sent home), a cake tin that has six heart shaped molds (to use for Valentine's day snacks for the daycare or to make whenever I feel like having heart shaped individual cakes), and the DVD of Finding Nemo for $1. With all I got I only spent $8. I am very happy with my finds!

After an hour-and-a-half at the garage sale we headed to St. Mark's Craft Fair. I didn't purchase anything there, but had a great time going from booth to booth looking at all the neat items. I now have so many ideas of arts and crafts I want to make for Audrey and the daycare kids. At one vendor there was a cute little cape (perfect for daycare dress up or when I feel like being a "supermom" for the day). The cape was reversible. One side of the cape was blue with a Superman symbol. The other side was black with a bat man symbol. All I need now is to get some fabric and a sewing machine and I'm good to go. At another booth I saw a fairy skirt, wand and headband. A few weeks ago I made Audrey a skirt using an elastic headband and some colored tulle.

The skirts at this booth (and a few other booths) had a large fake flower and ribbon glued or sewn on to the front. I love that idea so I'm going to add that to Audrey's skirt. The fairy wand was a sturdy stick with ribbon wrapped around it and tulle on the top in a ball shape. It too had ribbon hanging down from the ball. Very cute! The headband was a standard plastic band with tulle tied to it standing straight up with fake rhinestones glued on it. I can't want to make that one. But I'll have to get a band first. Another booth had an infants white onesie (boys) with a fabric tie sewn onto it with a sewing machine. My favorite booth was one geared toward infant apparel. This is where I saw the boys onsie with a tie on it. I wound up talking to the lady for a long time. Turns out she does this on the side and is a full-time kindergarten teacher. You can check out her items on her website at Bebe Bowtique. Later today, if I can drag my husband and daughter out of the house for an hour, I plan to spend some time shopping at Michael's craft store so I can get started on these items while I am still excited about it!

I've been wanting and needing to be creative recently. I've always thought of myself as creative, but have been slacking when it came to actually making anything recently. So two weeks ago I decided it was time to let my creative juices flow again....and I've been loving it.

Here are some other things I've been working on lately:
- Holder for Audrey's hair bows

- Audrey's name using blocks on a wall shelf in her room

- A holder for my earrings next to may mirror in my room. I borrowed the idea from my cousin off of her website. 

Those are a few of the items I've made recently. I will post more on here as I make more. I will try to include the process for those who wish to "borrow" ideas from me.

I better get started on writing out my shopping list so I am not tempted to go overboard when I get to the craft store....that is known to happen from time to time :)

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