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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Craft Projects Galore

When shopping at Michael's the other day I found that the tulle was on sale and they only had three colors left. So I picked two of the colors and put them in the cart. I decided I was going to make another tutu for Audrey using the two previous colors I'd purchased as well as the two new colors. Below is the completed tutu. I also made this one smaller than the other one so she could wear this one sooner.

While making the tutu's for my daughter and friend of mine asked if I'd make one for her. I used longer strips for her skirt. I measured the strips at 19 inches and then folded them in half to tie onto the elastic band. Here is her completed tutu:

I forgot to include in the earring picture frame project post what I did with the studs. I took a thin cardboard painted the backside (second picture below) and glued a cute patterned scrapbook paper onto the front. I then poked holes using a pushpin. I measured distance between the holes with a ruler. Finally I put the completed earring holder on a picture stand I bought at the dollar tree. Below are pictures of the completed project:


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