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Monday, March 14, 2011

More Borrowed Ideas

I'm happy to report that I successfully was able to drag (well sort of..) my husband and daughter to the craft store. Actually, while I shopped there, the two of them went window shopping at Scheel's sporting goods store. Michael's was packed, more so then usual. I quickly discovered that a lot of their items were on sale. And of course I took advantage of it! I picked up the following items: black and while elastic strips, black Velcro, metal hair clips, six rolls of ribbon, four bunches of Gerber daisy flowers, earring posts, wood blocks, two wooden 2-D daisies, a black paint pen, two rolls of colored tulle (purple and lime green), and three 8x10 picture frames. I also used their 40% off I feel I got a good deal.

Once I got home, after a stop off at Shopko and my parents house. I dove right into my projects while my daughter napped and my husband made us a yummy dinner. First I made the headbands and hair clips. Here is a picture of the final product:

I also added one of the Gerber daisy's and ribbon to the front of her tutu.
Here is an updated picture of that:

Finally, I made a fairy wand using a stick, ribbon, hot glue and tulle. For this I enlisted the help of my husband. He used our large board cutter to cut the strips for me. He cut the tulle into 5 inch strips. I used this website to help me figure out how to shape the tulle into a ball. 
Here is a picture of the fairy wand:

That's it for the projects I worked on yesterday. Today I hope to do a few more. You'll have to check back later for those. I'm also hoping to make a breakfast item I found while looking online for recipes. If it goes well and tastes good, I will post it on here as well. In the near future I will include some of the recipes I've been collecting recently that my husband and I have been enjoying.

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