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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Delicious Raspberry-Cranberry Jello

Here is a recipe I am always requested to make around Thanksgiving. I sometimes find that I am making it more than once. Especially to take to potlucks this time of year. It is quick and easy to make. The best part is it can be made the day before and doesn't need heating so makes for an easy potluck dish!

  • 2 pkg. (3 oz. each) raspberry flavor Jello mix
  • 1 can (20 oz.) crushed pineapple, in juice
  • 1 can (16 oz.) whole cranberry sauce
  • 1 large apple, chopped

  1. Drain pineapple, reserving juice. Add enough water to juice to measure 2 1/2 cups; pour into saucepan. Bring to a boil. Pour over gelatin mixes in a large bowl; stir 2 minutes (until completely dissolved)
  2. Stir in pineapple, cranberry sauce, and chopped apple. 
  3. refrigerate 2 1/2 hours, until firm, or overnight.

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