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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Growing Up So Fast!

Wow how the time has flown by! It feels just like yesterday I started this blog. I was doing a little browsing back through the blog and came across the first pictures I posted of Audrey when she was one month old! Oh how she's grown! She is now 14 months old and we just had her pictures taken again. Time is sure getting away from me! My New Year's resolution this year was to slow down and enjoy every moment (especially with my daughter). It's been a bit difficult as I am still doing home daycare (though right now part time - but soon I will be back to full time), Tyler has been working out of town a lot recently and lots have been going on with extended family members. I'm struggling everyday to make every moment count and to enjoy them all. I'm taking a moment here to do some reflecting and re-enjoying these recently taken photographs!

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