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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Valentine Goodies

While grocery shopping with my husband and daughter I stumbled upon some cute heart shaped cake sprinkles in the bakery of our local store. They were priced at $1.98 for a large container of them. I wasn't sure what I'd use them on but found several ways to use them over the next couple of days. 

1) As an extra special treat I made Valentine cupcakes to give as treats to my family and close friends for Valentine's Day. 

I used a white cake mix. Following the directions on the box. Added some store bought vanilla frosting and the cake sprinkles. 

To dress them up a bit, I put them in a clear plastic punch cup. Then set the cup with cupcake inside down into a winter treat bag (I purchased after Christmas at Walmart on clearance for about 50 cents a package). I then printed off a cute little tag stating "Happy Valentine's Day! Made with love, Diana, Audrey and Tyler". I then hole punched the tag and slipped it on with some pink and red curling ribbon. And ta-da!! I got lots of compliments on these! They were cute, quick and easy to make!

 2) Again using a cake mix (this time I used a chocolate one), I followed the directions on the package. I divided the batter by pouring half of it into a circle cake pan and half into a square cake pan. After the cake baked and cooled, I cute the circular one down the middle and used it as the top parts of the heart. Again using a store bought frosting I frosted the cake and put the cake sprinkles on top!

3) I still had some of the cake sprinkles left over so when family was over visiting we offered warm hot chocolate with cool whip and sprinkles. Everyone thought it was a wonderful touch!

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