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Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Bags

A few weeks ago I decided to start shopping for Easter gifts for my daycare kids. Instead of purchasing Easter baskets I decided to get gift bags instead...mainly because they were cheaper. Anyone who cares for multiple children knows that buying for kids can add up fast. I was torn between purchasing the $1 already covered in Easter designs bags or the plain yellow two for $1 gift bags. I decided to go the cheaper route and decorate them myself with craft supplies I already had around the house. The result:

Here is a close up:

Supplies used:
 - Yellow gift bags from the "Dollar Tree" two for $1.00
 - Pink and blue glitter ribbon from "Michael's Craft Store" used for the stripes
 - Purple construction paper used for the egg shape and for the name tags
 - Green construction paper used for the dots
 - Light blue ribbon purchased from the $1.00 bin at "Michael's Craft Store" used to tie on the name tags
 - Scissors
 - Glue

It was simple, easy and didn't take too much time!

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