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Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Spring!

Here are a few fun crafts I made with my daycare kiddos (ages 2-4).

Flower Pens for Mom and/or Dad:

Materials needed:
  • Pens (I got a package on sale and with a coupon for free!) 
  • Green floral tape (used up the sides)
  • Scissors or wire cutters (to cut stems to the right length)
  • Flowers (I purchased in a bunch at the Dollar Tree for $1/bunch). 
This project was simple, fun, and easy for the kids!

Happy Spring Cards:

Materials needed:
  • Construction Paper (various colors - we used orange, purple, blue, yellow and green)
  • Glue stick 
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Medium size colored rhinestones (purchased at a craft store for not much money, have a flat back so it's easy to glue onto paper)
For my littlest kiddos I cut out the flowers, stems and leaves. The older kids traced one I had made on card stock then cut them out. The kids loved doing the gluing. While we glued we talked about the different parts of the flowers, paying attention to where the parts are located (ex. stems are on the bottom, leaves come out of the stems, etc). We also looked at some real plants in the yard that were just emerging from the ground and talked about what we were seeing! 

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