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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Homemade Play Doughnuts

My husband and I are constantly trying to find new ways to reuse or recycle items. About a year ago we decided to make an effort to throw away less and start reusing or recycling as many items as we could. We starting taking monthly trips with a car truck full of recyclable items (ex. newspaper, junk mail/scrap paper, plastic containers, glass, plastic bags, cardboard, magazines, etc) to the local recycling areas instead of throwing them out in our trash. We've definitely made the run to the recycling center part of our routine now. My husband also started a compost pile in the back yard behind our shed. We hold yearly garage sales instead of disposing our no longer needed items in the trash. We do a lot of our shopping for desired items now at consignment shops, consignment sales (like NeatRepeatz), and at garage sales. I try to reuse as many items around the house as possible before throwing them in the recycle pile as well. With my new found love for pinterest I have lots of ideas of ways to reuse items. Which brings me to the homemade play doughnuts....

Recently my socks have starting "sprouting" holes in them. So instead of throwing them out I made them into these cute doughnuts for my daughter and the daycare kids to play with. The doughnuts have also been a hit among the adults in my family. 

  • A clean sock
  • Scissors
  • Thread and needle
  • Colored felt 
  • Colorful beads 

  1. Snip the tip off of a sock. Turn the sock inside out and roll the sock into a donut from the tip to the end. Sew the sock to its self using thread (this part will be hidden underneath the felt. 
  2. Next cut your colored felt to make the icing on top. 
  3. Before sewing the felt down, sew colorful buttons onto the felt. You may want to thread the beads several times (I re-threaded the beads 3 times) so they don't come off during play. 
  4. Sew the felt on the top, making sure to cover up the sewed part of the sock.

 Here is a close up of one of the sock doughnuts:

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